Raku Teapot is an open forum for haiku and haiku-related forms founded January 15, 2001. All forms of haiku, from the most traditional to the avante-garde, are home here. Haiga, photography, as well as other forms of artwork and graphics, are an integral part of our focus.

We founded this group to probe haiku and related forms in an intimate way, to get to know each other and to inspire each other to greater heights and depths of haiku expression. Our intention was to provide a platform for an email group dedicated to a free and joyous exploration of the haiku form that would enhance our insights and deepen awareness in all us.

Teapot is a small, private list, a round table with membership by invitation only. We are not listed in the Yahoo Groups directory, and on the Raku Teapot Yahoo site, the member list, the message archive, uploaded files, links list, and calendar are accessible only by members of Teapot.

These Teapot pages hosted by White Owl Web provide a more personal site for our group. We will include information on our projects, publications, and recordings, along with other information as is appropriate as the months go by.

As Zolo wrote Layne in the formative stages back in January 2001: "The humble Teapot . . . shaped from mud and thrown upon a wheel . . . hardened into stone and glass by the rite of fire . . . thus becomes a vessel of utility, and an object of contemplative charm . . . the tea . . . swirled from a blend of many flavors & steeped to create a heady brew . . . . Pull up a chair, have a bagel . . . let's talk haiku . . . ."

Teapot Founders,
John Polozzolo and Layne Russell

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